Tuesday, 17 April 2012

To wedge or not to...?

So despite needing to revise and write a dissertation proposal, i've spent quite a bit of my day browsing online for summer clothing and shoes...my procrastination has clearly reached its peak! I have done some uni work though never fear. However I spotted these on Zara and I have to say I feel like I need these (not my photo, from Zara.com).
I'm not even entirely sure why! This is so not something I would normally wear and i'm not even sure what I would wear them with but I just think they are so cute. They're £29.99 which I think is quite reasonable as go into Office or Schuh and you'd probably be spending double that. Also they look like they will be really comfortable due to the platform size, which is a bonus. They come in three colours, orange, black and blue but the blue is definitely appealing to me the most, maybe with a playsuit or shorts and a loose t-shirt? I'm not sure but these are definitely going on the wishlist for Summer 2012!


  1. Lovely headpic of your fabolous BLOG.

    Amazing shoes...by ZARA? super...is cheapper sure. tomorrow i will check in shop. haha =)

    I follow in Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin. I waiitng you if you want =)

    XOXO from MUNICH



    1. Thank you so much thats very sweet! Yeah I was surprised as well, i'll definitely be heading to the shop to have a look! Oh cool yeah i'll definitely follow you! x

  2. i personally love wedges. they're so versatile yet edgy. :)
    and i think the blue one's a great for summer!
    in btw really nice blog you have here, dear! :))



    1. I'm definitely tempted to try a pair! Ah same the blue is my favourite, just wish the weather was better here haha! Oh thank you so much :), your's is lovely too! x

  3. I completely understand the procrastination developing into online wish listing. I always seem to treat myself for studying and getting through the quarter with online wish lists becoming online shopping cart reality.

    It's Zara, go for it!!!

    :) Ewa


    1. Haha I do exactly the same, I write a few paragraphs of an essay or do some notes and then reward myself by searching online! I'm not sure my bank balance appreciates it too much, but I get paid soon so I shall be heading for Zara for sure :). Oh by the way I love your blog, its awesome! x