Monday, 16 April 2012

Fresh as a daisy...

So i'm a bit of a perfume hoarder and tend to have quite a few on the go at the same time. I know a lot of people only like to use one but I'm quite fickle with scents and tend to tire of them quite quickly. So anyway I thought i'd give a run down of my favourites at the moment.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs has been a long standing favourite of mine, I first got it as a gift when it had just been released and since then i've had a few bottles of it. The bottle is just stunning, it may not be to everyone's taste but I just think its really cheerful and kind of whimiscal. Its a really lovely light fragrance which does have really good staying power i've noticed. I'm not amazing at picking out the notes of perfumes but it is marketed as being a floral bouquet, with violet top notes and vanilla and musk base notes, which does sound a bit heavy but its honestly not at all, it just reminds me a summer meadow scent. Just really nice. Marc Jacobs perfume's are pricey, this retails at the moment for around the £45-£50 price mark, depending which size you want so its one to save for, but definitely worth it.

No.3 L'Imperatrice by D&G was part of their Anthology collection and I cannot get enough of how this smells, unfortunately it doesn't seem to linger as long as Daisy does but I still really love it. It's quite sweet and has a really distinct smell, top notes of watermelon and other fruity scents and again i'd say its got a musk base, as with Daisy (I'm starting to see why I like these now!). The bottle itself is okay, i'm not a huge fan of the massive black cap and the white section on my bottle is slightly skew-whiff which grates me a little (must say my sister has a bottle and her's is fine!) but the glass is heavy which I like. I tend to get a lot of people ask what i'm wearing when I have used this which is always a good sign with perfumes, so it is one that I will probably continue to use. I believe this is around £39 for 100ml which I think is great value as my bottle has lasted me a long time.

Finally my most recent addition to my perfume collection is Ellie Saab Le Parfum, first off the bottle is really nice and that's what caught my eye in the store. It's an interesting shape and nice to have on the dressing table. I must admit this is probably the perfume I use less often out of all three, I do find it a bit sickly sometimes, I definitely have to be in the right mood for this one. The top note is orange blossom, but to me it smells a bit floral, kind of a rose scent almost. The base note is described as being cedar wood, to be honest I have no idea what that smells like but whatever it is seems to work! I tend to use this perfume for a few days then change to one of the others, but I do really like it, just in small doses. This price for this ranges quite a bit but for a 30ml bottle its around the £37, 50ml around £55 and for a 90ml it's £70, which as far as i'm concerned is quite overpriced, I don't think I would spend that much on it, but I can see myself buying a smaller bottle in the future to use now and again.


  1. Oh I love perfume!Daisy is beautiful.. I currently have that along with Glow by JLo, Valentina by Valentino, Be delicious by DKNY, Suddenly Madame Glamour and Fantasy by Britney.. it's impossible to know which one to wear each morning! (I usually go with Valentino)

    1. Haha, oh wow I would not know which to chose, I find it hard enough with the two i've got at the moment, because sadly my Daisy has run out :s. Ooh I really want to try Valentina, i've heard good things, might have to check it out next time i'm searching for new scents! x