Monday, 2 July 2012

Yankee Candles!

I think I have developed a slight obsession over Yankee Candles in the past few months. I have always liked candles, I like to have one burning in my room when i'm working or just relaxing, they just give a really nice atmosphere. I do like non-scented candles as well but I think I would always choose scented over non-scented. Last Christmas I was given a few small Yankee Candles, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Tree, which both smell absolutely divine and I wish it was acceptable to burn them all year round! Anyway due to the fact that most of other candles are Christmas scents I decided to get some new ones.

I bought Midnight Jasmine in a regular tumbler for £7.99 in the Debenhams sale a couple of weeks ago. I love it, it gives off a really strong jasmine scent which I love, its really relaxing but not overpowering, as sometimes I find the more flowery scents to be a bit heady. But this is quite light. The second recent addition is Cinnamon Stick in a small jar which was a birthday present from my sister, this smells amazing, I cannot tell you how much I love this candle! I love cinnamon in anything, on greek yoghurt, in my hot chocolate, so this candle is perfect. Now I know that it could be classed as a Christmas scent or just a general winter one but I don't care I just couldn't wait that long to burn it! Plus with the English summer weather leaving much to be desired I can pretend its winter anyway!

I believe the small jars are usually around the £8 mark but I try to buy Yankee Candles when they are on offer because they are expensive unless you just want testers or sample sizes. I do think that they are worth the money though, one of my pet peeves is buying a scented candle that doesn't actual disperse the fragrance in a room! Yankee Candles definitely do leave a room smelling amazing! Does anyone else love scented candles as much as I do or have any suggestions of ones I should try?

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dare to imPRESS

So I've been a bit behind with my posting but it was my birthday this Wednesday just gone and i've got a few posts lined up about things I got as gifts but also a couple of mini hauls because i've been a bit naughty with shopping lately...oops. Anyway I had a lovely birthday and this first post is about the (relatively) new imPRESS nails by Broadway Nails. Now i'd seen a few posts on these and I wasn't really struck by them, i'm not really a fake nails kind of person and recently I haven't been painting my nails either. However the day before my birthday my sister gave me a pack of these to try out, and I was a bit dubious however after having them on for nearly five days now I have to admit that I really like them!

This design is called TGIF, and at first I was leaning towards the 'they're a bit tacky' feelings about these nails, as i've seen a lot of people say, however i've found that i've enjoyed wearing them and they are quite cheerful for summer, despite the atrocious weather we're having! My dislike for fake nails has previously come from the fact that they can be fiddly to apply and prone to dropping off at any given moment, however these are so simple to apply, I took me literally about five minutes after i'd decided on sizes. You just peel of the backing and press down, and these bad boys do not move an inch once they are on! It says on the box 'lasts up to a week' and so far i'm on day five and they are still firmly on and look exactly the same as when I put them on. I'm extremely impressed and today I went out a bought another pair called Rated R, which are a plain burgandy colour, which i'd seen before and really loved.

So overall I'd definitely recommend these, they are a tad tacky depending which pattern you go for, but to be honest who cares!? They are fun, easy and quick to use, you can get them in Boots and they cost £7.99 for plain colours and £8.99 for patterned ones, but the last a long time and i'm sure you can use them again if you wanted to with nail glue, plus you get 24 in a pack so plently to do another set with. I'll definitely be using these again.