Monday, 23 April 2012

GlossyBox has one new subscriber :)

So I'm very excited, I just ordered my first GlossyBox after reading countless reviews and watching youtube videos about their service. I've been tempted for months but finally took the plunge and subscribed today. I must say i'm excited, I think i'll see what the first few are like and then decide whether to continue my subcription. That's one of the main benefits, you can cancel your subscription at any point so you're not tied into some hideous contract! I just think its a good way to try different products without committing to spending vast amounts for a fullsize product that you'll never use. Its £10.00 plus £2.95 P&P in the UK which I think its pretty good for five sample products, of make-up, skincare, haircare, fragrances etc, which if you bought instore could cost a fortune depending on the brand. Basically it just sounds like it might be quite nice and a bit of fun to get little testers for a tenner a month. (btw this isn't my image). Does anyone else subscribe to GlossyBox? Any good/bad things I should know?

Anyway aside from doing this today i've been at work which was fine but freezing! What is wrong with the weather in England at the moment?! It's utterly horrible, but anyway I did go a do a bit of shopping after work..eep, I bought two things, I wanted to do a post but unfortunately the light is awful and I can't get any decent photos so I'll do that tomorrow instead. I now have to get on and do some uni work otherwise my exams will not go well! Hope everyone has had a good day!


  1. Hey lovely just found your blog xx That picture just totally relaxes me xxx Would you like to follow each other on gfc x drop by my blog and leave a comment and Ill be sure to follow back xxx

    1. Hey, haha me too! Oh yeah definitely i'm following you now, your blog is amazing! xx

  2. Love your mulberry alexa! it would go with everything!

    Scarr xx