Thursday, 3 May 2012

Little shopping trip...

So for some reason I thought I was working today, went in for 8am turns out I wasn't...cue awkwardness...anyway because I was already out I decided to go and do a bit of early morning shopping as I got paid a couple of days ago. I picked up a few bits, no make-up items today thought I should restrain myself!

Anyway I've been wanting a skater style dress for a while, because they look nice and are flattering to pretty much all body shapes, which is good as dresses aren't something I always like wearing. So i'd seen a plain black one in Topshop a while ago but it was £15 and I thought that was a tad over-priced. I'm glad I didn't get it because today in H&M I found this one which was only £7.99!

Not the best photo but its just plain black and the back drops slightly lower which is quite nice (not so low as to reveal bra though so that's a plus!). So I'm happy with that.

I also got this belt from Accessorize, mostly because I love teal, i'm not entirely sure about the star cutouts but I can live with them. It was £8, but I like Accessorize belts because their sizes tend to be better for me than other shops.

These are by far my favourite purchase of the day, little owl stud earrings from River Island for £1.50! I thought that was a pretty good deal, I believe River Island are now doing a £5 and under jewellery range, I saw some of it today in store and a lot of it is actually really nice. I was pretty impressed because a lot of their normal range is quite expensive for what it is. Well I think so anyway.

I think they are quite cute, they're kind of a bronze colour with pale blue in the eye and they aren't massive either which I like, because I don't really like big studs on myself.

The last thing is a pair of shoe boots from New Look but I got these over the Easter break. They were £19.99 but I got student discount so I paid £17.99 for them which isn't bad for a pair of shoes, they're faux suade I think (don't hold me too that!). But they are really comfortable surprisingly, I'm not great with high heels for more than a couple of hours but I definitely think I could wear these for an evening and not want to take them off half way through.

They're just plain black but up the back there's a zip which I think looks quite nice, a bit different from a zip up the inside. So that's my little shopping spree, the rest of the day has just been spent revising, but its not going too badly thankfully! Hope everyone is having a good day.


  1. nice blog!
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  2. Wow, I will totally be checking out River Island for those earrings x

    1. Yeah they have a few different types and they are all really cute :) x

  3. LOVE those cute little earrings :) xx

  4. I absolutely adore the shoes!!! Great find!!!!

    1. I was so happy to find these and now I can't wait to have a reason to wear them! x

  5. Perfect Purchase...amazing pieces =)

    XOXO from MUNICH

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  6. Oooh, I like the dress and boots. Very nice. X